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This video was prepared especially for you in your situation, it will give you some practical ideas on how to move ahead with your painting.

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Color Foundations Part 1 Course

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YOUR Painting will never be the same!YOUR Confidence will skyrocket.

You have the opportunity to take a transformative journey.  Not only will your information increase but more importantly your exploration skills will be pushed to the limit.  Don’t be timid.  Remember 15% to 20% of the artist journey is information, while 80% to 85% of the artist journey is developing and honing exploration  skills.  It is with exploration that your curiosity blossoms and your creative skills are allowed to flourish.  is   columns, which provide a useful structure, as well as a sense of balance within the overall composition. You can modify this structure using our intuitive drag and drop interface, which allows you to rearrange content to your heart’s content.

Judith Reidy Instructor

After graduating with a BFA in painting and drawing Judith began her 40 year career as a teacher and artist.  As an award winning artist, she found her greatest joy is motivating her students to see the  unique excellence they possess.  

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I can only tell you that I thought your classes were enjoyable and if we needed help or asked a question you would always give us the individual help we needed.  Otherwise I remember it was enjoyable to sit and paint with a fellow student and chat…..I think overall your personal attention to the students is a great help. 

-Ellen Follansbee

really enjoyed understanding the ways to mix colors as to how the difference is if you mix warm and cool primary colors together to get different types of secondary colors. It has helped me out a lot with how I paint now.

I really liked doing all of the color mixes and coming up with different palettes for the two different palette paintings of the one picture I chose. Again, it has helped me in understanding what colors and palettes to use now for my abstract art.

-Jenna Wasielewski

I think the value studies were very useful. I had not thought of using photoshop to play with images like that. Using it to create limited palettes and convert to an indexed grayscale. To play with color and saturation. I really like the detailed nuts and bolts analysis of everyone’s work in progress. It really was useful to see what the other students were doing and how their work evolved.

I liked the analysis of the works in progress and ideas about how to proceed, alternatives and suggestions. It was enjoyable to hear the narrative behind the work.


-Ken Harris

I liked your classes,…Skill of painting and knowledge of technique Loved your style and expertise -Loved relaxed atmosphere… care 

-Rhonda Simonson

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About the Artist Instructor


I’m  Judith Reidy

I have been teaching for over 35 years.  I know from my experience with students that developing exploration skills is key to implementing the helpful basic art principles.

Don’t underestimate the power the power you have to create.  Yes, if you don’t have the basics, that foundation is helpful.  But the little known secret to nurture creativity is seldom shared as the instrumental component to developing as an artist.  My course will provide the compass you will need to grow and mature as an artist.