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Find out what is your #1 Painting Limitation!

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“What’s YOUR #1 Painting Limitation?

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Artist and Instructor Judith Reidy

You will find an approach to creativity that will open the door to painting!

Take this quiz and learn about those painting limitations that are keeping you from moving to the next level.course will provide the compass you will need to grow and mature as an artist.

Your Success is my goal

Basic art  principles
Essential Exploration Skills
Primary and Advanced Color work
Self-awarenes (finding the internal compass)
Compositional strategies
 Develop an acute viceral response to imagery

See how my course is tailored for you.

I have designed an approach to teaching creativity in painting that is tailored to you.  If you take this quiz you will begin to see how my interactive course can speak directly to your situation!

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I am artist and instructor Judith Reidy

I have been teaching for over 35 years.  I know from my experience with students that developing exploration skills is key to implementing the helpful basic art principles.

Don’t underestimate the power the power you have to create.  Yes, if you don’t have the basics, that foundation is helpful.  But the little known secret to nurture creativity is seldom shared as the instrumental component to developing as an artist.  My course will provide the compass you will need to grow and mature as an artist.