Color Foundations Part 1/4

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About Course

Color Foundations 1/4

This Complete Elementary color course, Color Foundations, offers essential simple principles (tricks) that guide color selection in nearly every color mixing situation, providing the foundation for skillfully mixing colors and matching values.

Unit 1

Unit 1, the basic color course of study section, introduces Color theory in the first three lessons in the Color Foundation 1/4 Course:

  • Les 1- Materials
  • Les 2 -Color Wheel Hues, Temperature
  • Les 3- Tints Tones and Shades,
  • Les 4 -Saturation,  Luminosity and Intensity.

Unit 2 and 3

The following two units consists of the strategies, pitfalls and key questions to ask to not only help practice skillfully mixing a color but also to more precisely match a color AND a value when you change the hue.

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What Will You Learn?

  • basic color theory
  • color mixing for most any color
  • color wheel
  • color temperature
  • tints, tones and shades
  • complements
  • color vibrations
  • more confidence in mixing colors

Course Content

Color Foundations 1/4 from the Mix Perfect Colors….Painlessly Series
The comprehensive Color Foundations 1/4 Course is the basis for all color facility for artists. UNIT 1 as 7 Essential Simple Tricks to Mix Colors provides basic Color Theory Terms, demonstrated with visual examples and tested with student projects. UNIT 2 applies theory teaching strategies to solve color matching and mixing problems with real skill building activities and games. In UNIT 3 color theory combined with your newly developed mixing skills culminates guiding you in painting beautiful flowers, matching hue and value or changing the hue and matching values.

  • Introduce Materials for Course

Unit 1 Introduction to Color Theory with 7 Essential Simple Tricks to Mix Color
In Unit 1 In this Color Foundations Course, sometimes called 7 Essential Simple Tricks to Mix Color, you will learn through theory and activities how to mix a color You no longer need to waste paint with color mixtures that don’t work. Discover how to mix colors accurately along with me with My Easy Color Mixing Strategy! With a limited number of hues discover how to make an almost unlimited number of SPOT ON colors.

Unit 2 of Color Foundations often called See Mix and Match Skillfully FAST advances Color Mixing Skill QUICKLY
Now everything you learned and all the charts and mixtures you made in Unit 1 will be used to match and mix a color with My Easy Color Matching Strategy. This is where you... -Will gain the skill to observe color carefully -Acquire the Careful Color Matching Strategy to mix paint to make the color that actually matches with EASE! -Practice, Practice Practice

Unit 3 Now Let’s Make Beautiful Paintings
Now that you have learned the essential tricks of Color Theory in UNIT 1 and Practiced Matching Colors in UNIT 2 you are ready to make beautiful paintings with me in UNIT 3! We will be mixing colors to match colors to make beautiful paintings in UNIT 3. BUT we will ALSO BE Mixing Color to Match VALUES, a Key Skill for an artist. If you can CHANGE THE HUE and keep your values spot on, you can change the mood and be TOTALLY MORE EXPRESSIVE in your painting.

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