Intermediate Color Principles Part 2/4

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About Course

This is Intermediate Color PrinciplesThis course will help you understand

    • How to create  the illusion of space in your painting with color adjustment in landscape and still life paintings.


After you Complete Intermediate Color Principles Part 2 you will…


  • Create deep and shallow space with color adjustment
  • Understand how to adjust colors to recede from the foreground, middle ground and into the background in Landscape paintings.
  • experience creating the form with color in a still life and floral paintings.
  • Avoid monotonous color with color vibration


Worry No More….

Remove the Mystery of Mixing Colors


  • Discover how to efficiently mix the  perfect color with my Easy Color Matching Strategy
  • With a limited number of tubes of paint discover how to make an unlimited number of colors

No Longer Waste Paint!


  • You will not waste paint mixing an undesirable color because
    • You will have a paint mixing process to match a color
  • Confidently select and adjust the best hues and pigments to create the colors in a painting

You are Not Alone in the (Inner Circle Masterclass Tier)

If you are a member of the Inner Circle MasterClass You are Not Alone

  • Enjoy the support of of my ongoing live Q & A sessions!
  • Enjoy the support of our ongoing private facebook community!

How We will Achieve Your Goals in Intermediate Color Principles.


Step # 1…You will learn how to mix colors to adjust to foreground, middle ground and background space in a painting with my Easy Color Matching Strategy.

You will learn how to use color to create “vibrations” in your painting  

Step # 2…Watch the video and slide topic presentation

Step #3…Do the projects at the end of each presentation

Step #4…If you are a Member of the Masterclass Ask Your questions in the private Mix Perfect Color…Painlessly Group joining our live Q and A sessions.


How Do I Continue Growing in Intermediate Color.

  • Do the projects from the course

  • As a member of the  Inner Circle Masterclass remember to join the community in the Mix Perfect Colors…Painlessly Private Facebook Group through the link in your confirmation email.
    • Communicate and share your questions and concerns privately there
    • Join my ongoing weekly sessions in the Group
    • Post your projects in your album in the private Group
    • Do the projects from the weekly private sessions  and those from the course.

We are Keeping It Simple


  • Do the projects and apply the principles more than once with a created variation
  • Work with a simple image….avoid busy or challenging images. It’s about color now.
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What Will You Learn?

  • How value and color build a landscape and still life painting. You will learn how to adjust a color so as to create spacial recession and form in a painting.

Course Content

Unit 1 Introduction and Overview for Intermediate Color Principles 2/4
Here we will describe the materials and resources for the course.

  • Materials and Resources

Unit 2 – Landscape Paintings
Discover how to assess the composition in a landscape scene, looking at shapes and values as you prepare to mix your colors, even with consideration of color vibration.

Unit 3- Still Life Painting
Now we will see how to adjust color in a Still Life!!!

Unit 4 – Bonus
Just for you I have a Bonus activity where you will watch me paint a real thing putting into action the color matching strategies we covered in this Color Foundations Course.

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